[Box Backup] FC4 X86_64 build

Dave Bamford boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 18:26:33 GMT 2005

Martin Ebourne wrote:

>Use your favourite package manager to install subversion, which is part
>of Fedora Core. This should work out of the box:
> yum install subversion
>Then use the command I gave before to check it out. You don't need the
>password/account until you check in.
Replied to this earlier but it was bounced as I accidentally sent the 
email as html.
Anyway downloaded svn installed it and compiled the code from the trunk
and it works. There must be other changes which make the 64 bit patch 
I will have to try it on our server as we have a very intermittent problem.
It falls over about once a fortnight just after finishing housekeeping. 
The only
way to get it back is a hard reset.

Dave Bamford.

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