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Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Dec 6 13:40:57 GMT 2005

Hi Joao,

> I'm very expectant of the new Windows client, since it will ease us a lot
> (we must live in a Windows world, for now...   .-)). I have some friends
> that are 'lousy' users, if there isn't a window for whatever, they are lost!

Unfortunately the Native Win32 port does not itself include a GUI. It's 
more or less the same as the version of BoxWin that Nick distributes. 
We're just merging his code into the main tree, so it will stay up-to-date 
and officially supported.

However, the existence of a Win32 port in the main Box Backup tree will 
allow me to get Boxi working as a native Win32 app for the first time - 
and then you will have the GUI client you're looking for (I hope :-)

Cheers, Chris.
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