[Box Backup] Clearing old files.

Per Thomsen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 05:13:02 GMT 2005

On 12/15/05 4:39 PM, Kai wrote:
> Is there any way as the administrator of a box backup server that I can
> "compress" a users account. i.e tell it to go through and clear out old
> files that have been supplanted or deleted?
> I have a few accounts that are sitting at their hard limit and the actual
> size of files on the clinet is about a third of what's on the backup server.
> As I can't actually see the files there is no way I can compress the account
> down to current files only is there? 
That's right. You can't purge/compress/clean the accounts in that way. 
This behavior is by design.

The server is retaining old versions of files, as well as deleted files, 
as long as it has room for it in the allocation that the account was 
given. This gives the user the ability to restore old or deleted files, 
when they are needed. When you give a user an allocation of 10G, the 
server will retain files up to that limit, including old and deleted files.

If you feel that the space you gave to the client in the first place is 
too big, you can decrease the soft/hard limits. That will give you more 
space on the server, but will limit how far back you can retrieve 
old/deleted files.

The soft and hard limits work like this, IIRC: You can store files up to 
the hard limit, but when you exceed that, old and deleted files will be 
removed from the store, until you are below the soft limit.


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