[Box Backup] regex missing on my cygwin?

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 11:37:19 GMT 2005

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, E.W. Peter Jalajas wrote:

> I'm using boxbackup version 0.09_autoconf_win32 on cygwin on WinXP.  It
> works fine, except when I try to use regex to exclude some large files:
> Exception caught (Common RegexNotSupportedOnThisPlatform (Your platform
> does not have built in regular expression libraries.) 1/30), reset
> state and waiting to

When you ran configure, did it detect regular expression support? If not, 
you could try installing the Cygwin pcre package (devel/pcre) and then 
rebuild Box.

> I thought I had been using regex on this system earlier.  But I might
> have reinstalled cygwin and/or other boxbackup-related apps since that
> time.  The 1.33.1-1 boost and boost-devel Portable C++ libraries
> packages are currently listed as installed under cygwin setup.exe.

No "official" version of Box uses the Boost regex libraries. The only one 
that does is Nick Knight's Win32 native port.

> Any help would be appreciated.  (This isn't a boxbackup compile-time
> option, is it?)


Cheers, Chris.
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