[Box Backup] regex missing on my cygwin?

E.W. Peter Jalajas boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 03:10:18 GMT 2005

Thanks, Chris.

I'm not sure what fixed the missing regex problem, but it's fixed. 
Following your lead, I downloaded
and started ./configure (following these client-related steps
_precisely_: http://www.fluffy.co.uk/boxbackup/install.html ).  

It _looked to me_ like it completed successfully, except for a
missing-ssl error at (what I thought was) the end, but I saw no
reference to regex.  So, giving up on the regex problem for the moment,
and instead trying to solve the ssl problem, I scanned the cygwin setup
package listing for any other ssl (and regex) packages, and found
openssl-devel, and so I threw that at it (thinking, "what the heck, dev
packages frequently provide lots of needed functionality, don't
they?"), reran ./configure, and saw the output indicating that regex
and openssl were found ok.  (I have now installed all 3 offered cygwin
openssl packages (under libs: openssl, openssl097, and openssl-devel). 
(I also have an openssl-0.9.7i.tar.gz installed somewhere under cygwin,
but I think that was installed while I was having my problems; ugly, I
know.))  I think pcre was installed throughout my regex problems. 
Could it possibly be that openssl-devel fixed the missing regex

For the record, the make step put up a couple of hurdles.  The autoconf
(and automake?) programs were not found(?!).  ls -al /usr/bin/a* showed
them as a*-#### and a*.lnk only, but no a*.  So for each individual
missing a* file, I did a 

mv a*.lnk a*.lnk.mvd
ln -s /usr/bin/a*-#### /usr/bin/a*

I reran make, and it stopped at another missing a* file, so I did the
mv-ln process again for that file (the one with the "4" for an "a").  

Then the make step errored on missing curses.  (I assure you, there was
no lack of curses.)  Ignorant and persistent, I threw a 

ln -s /bin/cygncurses-8.dll /lib/curses.dll

at it, and make completed successfully.  Yeah!

(I think I had to do a:

export exec_prefix=/usr/local

before running the "make install-backup-client", but I'm not sure (I
had to do so in early bogus attempts.))

So, now I don't get bbackupd regex errors.  But, I don't know yet
whether regex is working.  For testing purposes, I've divided the
timers in bbackupd.conf by 100 (or more) to speed up the cycling--I
hope that doesn't break anything.  Unfortunately, I've filled up my
server store limit quota with some large avi files, so I am trying to
remove them by lowering the account limits, and adding directory and
file regex excludes attempts, but I have to wait a couple of days to
see if they work (per  ./lib/backupclient/BackupStoreConstants.h:     
think)--time for some Christmas shopping. 

Thanks again, Chris.


--- Chris Wilson <chris at qwirx.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, E.W. Peter Jalajas wrote:
> > I'm using boxbackup version 0.09_autoconf_win32 on cygwin on WinXP.
>  It
> > works fine, except when I try to use regex to exclude some large
> files:
> >
> > Exception caught (Common RegexNotSupportedOnThisPlatform (Your
> platform
> > does not have built in regular expression libraries.) 1/30), reset
> > state and waiting to
> When you ran configure, did it detect regular expression support? If
> not, 
> you could try installing the Cygwin pcre package (devel/pcre) and
> then 
> rebuild Box.
> > I thought I had been using regex on this system earlier.  But I
> might
> > have reinstalled cygwin and/or other boxbackup-related apps since
> that
> > time.  The 1.33.1-1 boost and boost-devel Portable C++ libraries
> > packages are currently listed as installed under cygwin setup.exe.
> No "official" version of Box uses the Boost regex libraries. The only
> one 
> that does is Nick Knight's Win32 native port.
> > Any help would be appreciated.  (This isn't a boxbackup
> compile-time
> > option, is it?)
> Yes.
> Cheers, Chris.
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