[Box Backup] fixed: bug report: choking on big file

john boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 09:51:12 GMT 2005


> This is a known issue when diffing large files (with any distribution).
> If the process goes over 300 seconds, the SSL layer connection times
> out, and the data cannot be uploaded later on. You have to either set
> MaximumDiffingTime to 300 in your backup config file, or use a modified
> BoxBackup:
> http://home.earthlink.net/~gniemcew/
> ... which includes a KeepAlive command to allow for longer diffs. This
> issue is to be fixed in the next upcoming version of BoxBackup.

Downloaded 0.9-mod, compiled bbstored under Gnu Debian i386 and
bbackupd under cygwin, added new config options and started backup

Result: It did send some keep alives and finally successfully had
transfered the file, that previously raised the error.


Ben mentioned to use a native windows version. But as the server would
not change, I guess the error condition would also remain. Is this

BTW: What are the differences between the normal distribution and the
native windows version, besides the fact, that the normal version can
be easily compiled with cygwin?


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