[Box Backup] bug report: choking on big file

Gary boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 22:11:24 GMT 2005

> One of my clients is running into the same problem: a 140M 
> file over a 768/192 line on a relatively slow box never gets 
> sync'ed. I'd install the 0.09-mod server and clients (where 
> needed), but if the new SVN release will include this, and is 
> not too far off, I'd like to avoid  upgrades in rapid 
> succession.

You might have some success with the 0.9-chromi svn branch, which introduces a much faster diffing
algorithm (but does not include KeepAlive) - it might be just fast enough to get through the file
just fine. Otherwise, you would have to limit the MaximumDiffingTime to below 300 seconds to get
the backup done under "vanilla" 0.9, or the current svn trunk.

> Will KeepAlive be implemented in the trunk (now or later?), or 
> is another solution being worked on for the SSL timeouts?

I think Ben mentioned that it should go into the next major release (unless the 0.9-chromi will
include a simultaneous diff/upload), but those changes are not in svn yet - they will have to wait
until the whole tree stabilizes, and we figure out how to modify the new core distribution to
allow for pause/resume of the diffing process (otherwise a KeepAlive command has to be called from
an interrupt handler, which is not that nice things to do). So, the KeepAlive is momentarily in
the limbo.


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