[Box Backup] Problems with speed....

Mikael Syska boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Dec 24 23:56:27 GMT 2005


I have 2 freebsd box's......:
5.4-RELEASE-p8 - Client
6.0-RELEASE-p1 - Server

The speed is really really slow.....abotu 25 kbyte/sec..... ( tested 
with /usr/ports/net/ifstat )

why? what can I do to debug this?

When both is running:
Client: bbackupd 10% Cpu usage... that means 90% idle..... probebly not 
here the fault is... but I dont know
Server: 100/90% bbstored Usage, some times a 0/5% idle state..... what 
the heck is the server doing?

Raidfile is disabled, and block 2048, default from the docs........

What wrong?

restore etc works, but slow? normal transfer aint no problem....

// ouT

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