[Box Backup] embedded

dm boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jun 2 06:42:44 BST 2005

Maybe I'm masochistic or something, but before I go treading into 
unknown territory, I was just wondering if anyone has looked at getting 
a server up and running on any sort of embedded device.  Specifically 
I'm looking at the linksys nslu2 nas with the custom unslung 
firmware(http://www.nslu2-linux.org).  They have a pretty decent howto 
document on implementing packages into unslung, but I know very little 
of these programming languages(I'm more of a perl/shell monkey).

I already have boxbackup setup on a p3 350 + 1 terabyte raid array 
dedicated to backing up 4 machines, and have noticed that as a server it 
does use a good chunk of processor while it is backing up, and am 
wondering how the nslu2 would handle this.  snmp graphs at  It's the machine at

Basically, you could have a server up and running without having to 
dedicate an entire machine to it, and it would take up very little 
space/generate very little heat.


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