[Box Backup] Boxwin On Server 2003

Nick Knight boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 14:39:15 BST 2005

There is no difference in the way it works on 2003 and XP - I have it
working on both.

Instead of running it from a service as a test run it from the command
line - this can give useful info

bbackupd -c bbackupd.conf

from the install directory


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On 2 Jun 2005, at 23:37, Mike Bydalek wrote:

> Hello.
> Let me start off by saying nice work on the Boxwin, and I hope this =20
> is the
> correct place to ask questions about it since I can't find for the =20
> life of me a
> mailing list for it, and have seen it mentioned here.
> As for the reason of my post, I've been using Box Backup on my =20
> Linux clients for
> a good amount of time.  Recently, a client wanted a Windows server, =20
> so I decided
> to give Boxwin a try.
> To test it, I used my local Windows XP machine and had absolutely =20
> no problem
> whatsoever with it (hence my cheers ;).  But, when I went to =20
> implement it on
> their server, Windows Server 2003, it didn't work properly.  All =20
> that would
> happen is that the top level locations would be created, nothing more.
> In looking through the application log, when I do an initiate =20
> backup, boxbackupd
> throws this, which I've read means it can't access the file, or =20
> file doesn't
> exist, etc.:
> Exception caught (1/9), reset state and waiting to retry....
> The next event in the application log is that the backup finished =20
> transferring 0
> files and 0 bytes (duh).
> Well, I then decided to have the service run as the Administrator, =20
> and then
> added an "everyone" to the directories and gave full perms (I'm =20
> doing 2 simple
> test directories for now).  After granting the world access to my test
> directories, I still received that error and am now stuck.
> Is there something special in 2003 that needs to be done that =20
> doesn't need to be
> done in XP?

 From the information you've given, it sounds more likely that there =20
is something wrong with your configuration. First, check that all the =20
files and directories mentioned in it actually exist, and once you're =20
sure it's correct, post the config file here for comments.


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