[Box Backup] Box Backup - corrupted store

Simon Rerucha boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Jun 8 11:06:29 BST 2005

>> I've bbstoredserver run
>> on NetBSD (2.0, stable), the bbackupd clients on Linux (Suse, various
versions).  Server is run with userland RAID disabled.
>> Because of some misunderstandings, the power supply of the server was
interupted few times. So I've equipped it with UPS, I have done
>> checks and 'bbstoreaccounts check $acc fix' for all accounts, but: Now,
when I want to restore some backup loations, bbackupquery
>> starts to
>> download files from server, but after a while it writes:
>> Exception: Compress TransformFailed (6/4)
>> and terminates, without any trace in either server or client log. If I
try againg, it terminates at same point.
>> If I run
>> /usr/local/bin/bbackupquery "compare -aq" quit
>> it doesn't write any errors.
>> Please, can you help me a bit and tell me how to solve this problem ?
>> What's the problem.
> It sounds like a backup store file has been corrupted. The server can't
tell this because the file is encrypted.
> We need to work out which file it is, then delete it, fix the store, and
try again. Can you run bbackupquery as before, but log to a file? (-l
<file> switch). Then send me the last few lines, and I should be able to
tell you the file to delete.

Here is it ...

...skipped ...
Receiving stream, size 62183
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9ce)
Receive Success(0x9ce)
Receiving stream, size 79779
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9cf)
Receive Success(0x9cf)
Receiving stream, size 110851
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9d0)
Receive Success(0x9d0)
Receiving stream, size 110282
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9d1)
Receive Success(0x9d1)
Receiving stream, size 108402
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9d2)
Receive Success(0x9d2)
Receiving stream, size 62855
Send GetFile(0x9be,0x9d3)
Receive Success(0x9d3)
Receiving stream, size 58038

Thanks for help.

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