[Box Backup] Error 2/8

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Jun 29 14:52:04 BST 2005

Yes, these errors are not ideal, and need to be improved.

However, the docs do tell you not to allocate more space than you  
actually have on your discs.


On 28 Jun 2005, at 11:53, john wrote:

> Hi!
> Successfully I installed boxbackup for the first time, the server is a
> linux machine, the first client is running under cygwin. But there
> were some troubles in the process, which I think could have been
> circumvented.
> One on my list is this error message:
> Jun 28 12:06:19 frodo bbstored[6740]: in server child, exception
> RaidFile OSError (Error when accessing an underlying file. Check file
> permissions allow files to be read and written in the configured raid
> directories.) (2/8) -- terminating child
> After looking for the cause for some hours in the complety wrong
> direction, resulting in quiet some frustration, I found the problem
> via strace. An unfinished write call was the last thing before giving
> the error. Call me stupid using a nearly full partition, but the error
> was trivialy triggered by the fact, that the partition was completly
> filled by boxbackup.
> If the error message wouldn`t have suggested, that something is wrong
> with permissions, but just give a disk full error, I think I would
> have fixed the problem instantly.
> Additionally I really had some permissions problems beforehand and
> would have been appreciated, if the error messages would have listed
> the filename of the files that caused the errors.
> Sorry for the bad english...
> cu
> John
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