[Box Backup] static compilation of boxbackup client.

Jani Mikkonen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 11:00:17 BST 2005

Ben Summers wrote:

> On 30 Jun 2005, at 10:51, Jani Mikkonen wrote:
>> Hi.
>> First off, quite impressing piece of software, thanks!
>> Then my question, are there any instructions on how to build static
>> version of the client software ? I have lots of very different  versions
>> of linux running in my environment that it would make sense to compile
>> once and deploy it everywhere rather than to compile it with for  all
>> the
>> different versions..
>> Or would it be nice to actually compile the client binaries allways as
>> static, atleast make it an option.
> You can add options to the compile and link lines like this:
>   ./configure compile:something link:something link:something-else
> While I'm not a Linux expert, maybe you'll be lucky and find that
>   ./configure link:-static
> will do the job?
Well, indeed i had tried that allready before asking the question here.
I had tried it with passing ordinary -static and -g switches to linker
but it seems that the linker cannot then find certain libs (krb5_*
functions) so i guess it requires some other parameters too and since im
not really an expert when it comes to gcc i thought i'd better present
the question here.

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