[Box Backup] sillyrestore.bash

Justin H Haynes boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 04:27:44 GMT 2005

I wasn't paying attention and started bbackupd before trying to restore 
all my files to my laptop. Oops.  Thankfully the files were still there 
and marked as deleted.  It was just a bit more tedious to get them back 
because there isn't a fast way to do that kind of a restore yet. 

If anyone else has this problem, until the client features are there, 
you might find this script useful.  I needed to write it so I didn't 
have to individually restore 17000 files with bbackupquery by hand.

If I have already posted this, I'm sorry.  I thought I had posted it a 
couple of weeks ago, but when I checked the archives, I didn't find it:

bash-3.00$ cat sillyrestore.bash
# This is sillyrestore.bash
# This is one tool you can use if you lamely intended
# to restore all your files, but instead started bbackupd
# and marked them all deleted. 
# This script is sloppy and inefficient and connects with bbackupquery
# for each and every file.  It also blindly tries to create directories
# without even checking.  It is provided as a skeleton. 
# sillyrestore.bash expects get.txt produced like this (which you
# probably need to do as root or as the user who runs the client):
# bbackupquery "ls -rdo" > get.txt
# sillyrestore.bash creates absolute paths.  So if home/justin/whatever.txt
# exists on the store, then it will be restored as /home/justin/whatever.txt
# change this if you want.

echo populate ids
for i in `cat get.txt | awk '{print $1}'`
count=$[$count + 1]

echo populate files
for i in `cat get.txt | awk '{print $3}'`
count=$[$count + 1]
maxcount=`expr $count - 1`

while test $count -le $maxcount
dirname=`dirname ${files[$count]}`
basename=`basename ${files[$count]}`
mkdir -p /$dirname
chown -R justin:justin /$dirname
echo bbackupquery \"cd -do /$dirname\" \"lcd /$dirname\" \"get -i 
${ids[$count]} $basename\"
bbackupquery "cd -do /$dirname" "lcd /$dirname" "get -i ${ids[$count]} 
$basename" "exit"

count=$[$count + 1]

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