[Box Backup] Boxwin next version

Gary boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 10:57:41 GMT 2005


Just tested the new Win32 0.9e version regular expressions a bit under
XP, and I am running into a problem. While [file] extension ignore
works perfectly (a small sample below for *.aps, *.ncb, *.obj):

ExcludeFilesRegex = .+\.([aA][pP][sS]|[nN][cC][bB]|[oO][bB][jJ])$

... my folder ignore regular expression gets ignored:

ExcludeDirsRegex = ^(Debug|Release)$

I tested the regular expression under a few online regexp testers, and
it seems to work fine. Also checked actual folder names under cygwin to
make sure that the first letter is, indeed, capitalized. Finally,
checked ExtendedLogging in BoxBackup, and I see "Debug" and "Release"
folders re-created on the server side.



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