[Box Backup] Client blocked by stale lockfile?

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 13:07:00 GMT 2005

On 2 Mar 2005, at 13:03, Nick Knight wrote:

> Hello all,
> Not sure if this is the same issue which I read about but when I tried
> to merge Berkeley DB into the Win version and read that there are known
> issues in version 1 which cause corruption and data loss - plus they
> don't actually support it any more - so it won't be fixed.
> I initially wrote code to use the later version of Berkeley into box -
> which worked but then I had problems so left it out in favour of the
> memory implementation, if the latest version would fix it you should
> have the code for it Ben in one of the versions I sent you.

I'm not too worried about the reliability of that particular db. If 
it's corrupted, then it doesn't really matter, it can be rebuilt. And 
is -- if an error is detected reading data, the dbs are deleted and 
rebuilt automatically and the problem logged.

However, if the library hangs, there's not much which can be done. 
Hence the suggestion to wipe unexpected files.

> On another note, an issue came up a while ago which pointed out an 
> issue
> with box, in that the maximum file size after a full store is the
> difference between the soft and the hard limit, is this correct
> understanding?

If I understand you correctly, yes. This will be fixed as soon as I get 
a chance.


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