[Box Backup] cannot sign account csr

Doug Poland boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 2 22:39:54 GMT 2005


I don't see searchable archives so I'm posting this in ignorace :)

I'm attempting setup up boxbackup 0.09 on two FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE boxes.
So far, I've been successful following the steps in:




Here's a command summary:

portinstall sysutils/boxbackup

mkdir /data/boxbackup
chown -R _bbstored /data/boxbackup/

cd /usr/local/etc
raidfile-config /usr/local/etc 2048 /data/boxbackup
bbstored-config /usr/local/etc/box _bbstored

cd box
bbstored-certs ca init
mv ca/* bbstored
rmdir ca

bbstored-certs /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored sign-server /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored/
cp /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored/servers/ /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored/
cp /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored/roots/clientCA.pem /usr/local/etc/box/bbstored/clientCA.pem
/usr/local/bin/bbstoreaccounts create 1 0 8g 10g

The instructions now tell me: 

    Finally, tell the user their account number, and the hostname of your
    server. They will use this to set up the backup client, and send you a
    CSR. This has the account number embedded in it, and you should be sure
    that it has the right account number in it.

    Sign this CSR with

    /usr/local/bin/bbstored-certs ca sign 75AB23C-csr.pem

I named my user account 1.  At this point I have no 1-csr.pem anywhere.
So I am stuck.  Did I miss something?


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