[Box Backup] Win32 locked files, registry, etc.

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I agree with Per generally - it is always best to use what ever program
comes with the app to backup that app, mysql has mysqldump, exchange has
ntbackup - and a whole api.

Shadow copy is an interesting one, I have started researching it over
the last couple of weeks, at it is taking a lot to get my head around,
Server 2003 is apparently different to XP so the mechanism would have to
be different. Having said this I still believe it is better to use the
actual apps backup program to create a file to backup - this way you can
guarantee consistency, what happens if you have a program where two
files out of sync would cause issues? Which you would still get with
shadow copy.

This is one of my planned extensions - but don't hold your breath this
is a large task! Any help or pointers obviously appreciated!


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> Just out of curiosity, is it possible to code boxbackup to backup
> locked files like "outlook".  If so how?

When it comes to Windows, you could use shadow copy (bundled Windows XP
backup client uses that methodology). There is a service/SDK combo from
Microsoft for it.


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