[Box Backup] Error 7/45 ..!?

Garry Glendown boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 9 21:17:31 GMT 2005

Got a problem with a server I'm trying to back up ...

starting bbackupd, I get the error:

Mar  9 23:13:42 backup bbstored[8503]: in server child, exception 
Connection Protocol_UnknownCommandRecieved (7/45) -- terminating child

The interesting thing is that the directory structure is being stored, 
that is: I can connect via bbackupquery and list the contents:

query > ls
00000002 -d---- home
00000003 -d---- opt-lotus
00000004 -d---- etc
00000005 -d---- local-notesdata
query > cd home
query > ls
00000006 -d---- admin

On bbackupd, I get these messages (excerpt):

Mar  9 22:13:49 notes2 bbackupd[6149]: Backup object failed, error when 
reading /home/admin/.profile
Mar  9 22:13:49 notes2 bbackupd[6149]: Error code when uploading was 
(5/6), Cipher EVPFinalFailure
Mar  9 22:13:49 notes2 bbackupd[6149]: SSL err during Write: 
error:1409F07F:SSL routines:SSL3_WRITE_PENDING:bad write retry
Mar  9 22:13:49 notes2 bbackupd[6149]: Exception caught (7/33), reset 
state and waiting to retry...
Mar  9 22:15:29 notes2 bbackupd[6149]: File statistics: total file size 
uploaded 17174, bytes already on server 0, encoded size 0

Any idea?

Tnx, -gg

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