[Box Backup] mac os x installation

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 22:38:51 GMT 2005

On 11 Mar 2005, at 22:32, umaxx wrote:

> Hi!
> I have successfully installed boxbackup-server and clients on Openbsd. 
> It works great without problems. Anybody working on a port for this? 
> Maybe I could create one if i have time?.
> Now I want to install the client on Mac OS X (10.3) and getting in 
> trouble. First I installed gcc2 and gcc3 from x-code packages.
> Then I set a symlink in /usr/bin:
> # ln -s gcc3 gcc
> and
> # ln -s g++3 g++
> But the configure script dies on do_test() for g++...
> I've tried this with gcc2 and g++2 too.

It should just work. I've been developing the last few versions on Mac 
OS X 10.3. Does your compiler work at all? What errors do you get when 
you try and compile something?


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