[Box Backup] (Un)Deleting Files

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Mar 12 20:00:31 GMT 2005

Hi Ben and all,

Sorry, a few more questions for you. In the client protocol 
(autogen_BackupProtocolClient.cpp) there are three ProtocolObject classes 
relating to deleting and undeleting objects:


Does this mean it's impossible to undelete files with the current 
protocol? Please would you consider adding this feature?

Also, why is there a distinction between files and directories at the 
protocol level?

Finally, it seems to be possible to ChangeDirAttributes and 
SetReplacementFileAttributes. Can these be used to delete and undelete 
objects? It appears that SetReplacementFileAttributes takes an attributes 
hash, but I have no idea how to generate this. Also, the distinction 
between files and directories (at the protocol level) again mystifies me. 
Why are the names inconsistent?

Thanks again for your help,

Cheers, Chris.
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