[Box Backup] Moving a server to RAID

dave bamford boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 09:38:51 GMT 2005

I am just after some advice. I currently have a server running boxbackup
on Fedora FC3 AMD64 and its working fine. But I only have one SATA
80G drive and I want to increase its capacity and convert to a RAID system

I have just bought 2 200G SATA drives for the machine and want to
configure them as a RAID 1 (Mirroring) array. I have a number of options,
I can try to use the built in RAID support on the Mobo Giga-byte K8VM800M
the via chipset V8237, there are some dirviers here.
Or I can try and go the software RAID route and reinstall Fedora with RAID
support, then move the existing backup data and keys to the new drives.

1. Is it possible to move this data and just pick up where one left off?
2. Would you recommend the mobo RAID or the FC3 sw RAID?
3. How can I copy the data as I only have 2 SATA connectors on the mobo?
I thought maybe of copying the data first to an IDE drive then back to 
the new
SATA drives. Perhaps there is a better way?

Another quick question.
Is it possible to have 2 ListenAddresses on the server as I have 2 NICs one
on the internal network and one external real IP address. To run backups 
on the
internal network the data currently has to go through our ADSL router and
back in again and the ADSL router is only 10Mb/s ethernet whereas the 
network is all 100Mb/s

Dave Bamford

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