[Box Backup] Moving a server to RAID

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 09:54:26 GMT 2005

On 15 Mar 2005, at 09:38, dave bamford wrote:
> 1. Is it possible to move this data and just pick up where one left 
> off?

Yes. There are restrictions. Make sure you move the data and put it 
back where it was before -- do the process without altering the 
contents of /etc/box and it'll work.

> 2. Would you recommend the mobo RAID or the FC3 sw RAID?

Others will have to answer this. I don't use Linux, except to test Box 

> 3. How can I copy the data as I only have 2 SATA connectors on the 
> mobo?
> I thought maybe of copying the data first to an IDE drive then back to 
> the new
> SATA drives. Perhaps there is a better way?

Send it over a network connection to another machine using tar, get it 
back similarly?

> Another quick question.
> Is it possible to have 2 ListenAddresses on the server as I have 2 
> NICs one
> on the internal network and one external real IP address. To run 
> backups on the
> internal network the data currently has to go through our ADSL router 
> and
> back in again and the ADSL router is only 10Mb/s ethernet whereas the 
> internal
> network is all 100Mb/s

Yes. There is a reason that "ListenAddresses" is in the plural. 
Separate entries by commas:

	ListenAddresses = inet:,inet:

Don't put any spaces anywhere in that line.


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