[Box Backup] Client distribution schemes?

Mr R G Shepherd boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 10:51:01 GMT 2005

>> I'd make it cross-platform, so the same system can be used on all 
>> platforms. Possibly Java...

I am willing to give this a go, time permitting, however it would be nice to work out a standard
install base and some other issues.....

c:\program files\boxbackup for windows is obvious - although needs admin priv's. Has anyone considered this
divide of having some installations owned by admin and run by user
OR some installations owned and run by user from personal folders.

for unix /usr/local/{bin,etc,lib}, whereever

OR there is an age old unix standard which not many linux distros adhere to and
that is use /opt/$VENDOR/{bin,lib,man,etc}

par example /opt/fluffy/{bin,lib,man,etc}

I personally like this standard because it means vendors can look after there own installations without treading on
other vendors toes. It just means a small amount of work for the sysadmin to adapt PATHs and perform backups,

in Java this would be fairly easy to download, checksum, checksign and extract, but how should this process be triggered?

email - Dear boxbackup user, a new version is available please run c:\progra~1\boxbac~1\bbupdate.exe

or automatically, have an update daemon running all the time?

some choices here...


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