[Box Backup] Client distribution schemes?

Garry Glendown boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 11:43:31 GMT 2005

Mr R G Shepherd wrote:
> c:\program files\boxbackup for windows is obvious - although needs admin 
> priv's. Has anyone considered this

Hard-coded paths are always a bad thing(tm) ... e.g., on german 
windblows, it would rather be "C:\programme\..." (though, again, relying 
on c: is not good)

> divide of having some installations owned by admin and run by user
> OR some installations owned and run by user from personal folders.
> for unix /usr/local/{bin,etc,lib}, whereever
> OR there is an age old unix standard which not many linux distros adhere 
> to and
> that is use /opt/$VENDOR/{bin,lib,man,etc}
> par example /opt/fluffy/{bin,lib,man,etc}

I think there were discussions around about /opt being optional 
software, whereas /usr/local is purely local stuff ...


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