[Box Backup] Persistent bbackupd failure on large files (SSL3_WRITE_PENDING).

Gary boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Mar 25 20:41:41 GMT 2005


I am running into a persistent failure of bbackupd (0.09fWin32 under
Windows XP SP2). The whole setup has been working well for a few weeks
now, but recent backups always fail under different network conditions,
different days, etc.:

Exhibit A: client-side log:

Starting daemon (config: C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd.conf)
(version 0.09fWin32).
Beginning scan of local files.
Opening connection to server server.domain.com....
Connection made, login successful.
SSL err during Write: error:1409F07F:SSL
routines:SSL3_WRITE_PENDING:bad write retry.
Exception caught (7/33), reset state and waiting to retry....
File statistics: total file size uploaded 534341410, bytes already on
server 934688, encoded size 67672.

(log repeats indefinitely)

Exhibit B: server-side log:

Mar 25 14:29:47 server bbstored[18818]: Incoming connection from port 63593 (handling in child 8859)
Mar 25 14:29:48 server bbstored[8859]: Certificate CN: BACKUP-11111
Mar 25 14:29:48 server bbstored[8859]: Login: Client ID 11111,
Mar 25 14:39:07 server bbstored/hk[18850]: Starting housekeeping
Mar 25 14:39:07 server bbstored/hk[18850]: Finished housekeeping
Mar 25 14:45:06 server bbstored[8859]: in server child, exception
Connection Protocol_Timeout (Probably a network issue between client
and server.) (7/41) -- terminating child

Exhibit C: bbackupd.conf excerpts:

UpdateStoreInterval = 21600
MinimumFileAge = 60
MaxUploadWait = 60
FileTrackingSizeThreshold = 65535
DiffingUploadSizeThreshold = 4096
MaximumDiffingTime = 300

Exhibit D: server-side account usage:

/usr/local/bin/bbstoreaccounts info 0x11111
Account ID: 011111
Last object ID: 8270
Blocks used: 638198 (623.24Mb)
Blocks used by old files: 44064 (43.03Mb)
Blocks used by deleted files: 112763 (110.12Mb)
Blocks used by directories: 1056 (1.03Mb)
Block soft limit: 4194304 (4096.00Mb)
Block hard limit: 5242880 (5120.00Mb)
Client store marker: 1111613666000000


No network-wide interruption has been noted by other monitoring

Turning ExtendedLogging in bbackupd.conf produces a weird result: the
last log message states upload of a about 300MB backup file, but then
freezes altogether (error messages never come up). After freeze-up
there is no network nor CPU activity. Taking the large files out of the
picture allows the daemon for finish successfully.

Note the high MaximumDiffingTime, I found that most of the time was
spent on uploading about a dozen 300MB files, so I set it on 5 minutes.
Some kind of SSL/network timeout while diffing, perhaps?



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