[Box Backup] Deleting old snapshots

Richard Wallace boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Tue Mar 29 22:35:22 BST 2005

Ben Summers wrote:
> On 29 Mar 2005, at 20:48, Richard Wallace wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Been using Box Backup in snapshot mode for a while now and I'm pretty 
>> happy with it.  Our backups are getting a little large and we really 
>> only want to keep the data from the last 45 days.  Is there a way to 
>> remove snapshots older than a certain time?
> Have you tried setting the storage limits on the server to restrict how 
> large the account can grow?

I did have a limit set but I've had to keep raising it, which is why I 
asked the question.

> As yet, there is no way to specify exact rules over what data is kept on 
> the server, but this will appear in a later version. At the moment it's 
> "oldest data marked as deleted or an old version while the soft limit is 
> exceeded".

So, if I understand you correctly, when an account goes over the soft 
limit the oldest data is deleted until the account is back under the 
soft limit?

Any idea when we might expect a new version and what features are in the 
works?  I browsed around but don't see a CVS or SVN repo or a roadmap 

Thanks again,

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