[Box Backup] More serious Win32 0.9f/RedHat 0.9 trouble...

Per Thomsen boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 17:46:30 BST 2005

On 3/30/05 5:48 AM, Gary wrote:

>I have been running into weird backup problems (see the "Persistent
>bbackupd failure on large files (SSL3_WRITE_PENDING)" thread), so I
>decided to run things in debug mode get more information. I rebuilt
>bbstored in debug mode to have a look at /var/log/box, and the
>following error was encountered immediately during bbstored startup:
>Mar 30 06:19:32 server bbstored[18113]: TRACE: Exception thrown:
>RaidFileException(RaidFileDoesntExist) at RaidFileRead.cpp(1057)
>Mar 30 06:19:32 server bbstored[18113]: in server child, exception
>RaidFile RaidFileDoesntExist (2/11) -- terminating child
>Any ideas on what might be going on there with the backup?
This is just a hunch, and you may already have checked this, but the 
error message that you get on the bbstored server suggests to me that 
there is something wrong with your accounts.txt file (usually in 

If you only have one RAID set (see /etc/box/raidfile.conf), it's usually 
named '0'. If your Windows account uses the wrong RAID set, that could 
be a problem.

I understand that there is evidence that it works sometimes, but I think 
it might be worth checking out...

Hope you figure out what's going on...


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