[Box Backup] More serious Win32 0.9f/RedHat 0.9 trouble...

Gary boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 20:56:17 BST 2005


> Sounds like the client is requesting something which doesn't exist.
> Can you try a UNIX client with the same server to try and isolate 
> this to the Windows client?

If I switch the bbstored server to a release build (same client/server
machines, same config, etc.) the problem with housekeeping and bbackupd
"ls" command. I suspect there is something going on there specifically
with Win32 release <=> RedHat 9.0 debug combination.

However, when I run a backup Win32 release <=> RedHat 9.0 release, I am
back to the previously mentioned timeout problem on large files
(mentioned in the previous thread).


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