[Box Backup] More serious Win32 0.9f/RedHat 0.9 trouble...

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 20:59:43 BST 2005

On 30 Mar 2005, at 20:56, Gary wrote:

> Ben,
>> Sounds like the client is requesting something which doesn't exist.
>> Can you try a UNIX client with the same server to try and isolate
>> this to the Windows client?
> If I switch the bbstored server to a release build (same client/server
> machines, same config, etc.) the problem with housekeeping and bbackupd
> "ls" command. I suspect there is something going on there specifically
> with Win32 release <=> RedHat 9.0 debug combination.
> However, when I run a backup Win32 release <=> RedHat 9.0 release, I am
> back to the previously mentioned timeout problem on large files
> (mentioned in the previous thread).

What happens if you run RedHat 9.0 release <=> RedHat 9.0 release ? I'm 
keen to know whether the server works with a UNIX client, in which 
case, Nick will need to look into this not me. Not that I'm passing the 
buck, it's just that it's quicker for the right person to chase the 


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