[Box Backup] Compare and XLS files.

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Tue Nov 15 22:29:19 GMT 2005

The two files appear to have the same timestamp.  One is 04/07/2005 =
and the box backup timestamp is=20

This would be correct adjusting for time zones. The two file appear =
the same in excel they have the same filesize however diff still reports
them as begin different?

Very weird.

Thank you
Scott McNee

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> I will do that.
> Two things.
> The server does not run in lazy mode, snapshot mode and there was a
> while
> between the last sync and when the compare was done, in which the =20
> office was
> empty. Ie. A backup on a Friday Night, Compare on a Sunday Morning.

Next thing to check is the timestamp on the files. If the clocks are =20
wrong on the clients this can give you timestamps in the past or the =20
future, which messes up the new file detection.


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