[Box Backup] exception caught and endless retries

Robert B boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 21:33:41 GMT 2005

I'm running boxbackup 0.09 (v0.09fWin32 to be exact) on Windows.  I'm getting

Exception caught (1/9), reset state and waiting to retry...

I wouldn't mind except that, instead of running every hour, it keeps running with about a 2 minute delay between each run.  Because of this, my computer has slowed to a crawl.

The above error does not tell me which file it is failing on and therefore cannot exclude it from the back up in the hopes that boxbackup won't endless run.

1) Is there a way to find out the file it's failing on? or
2) Is there a way to adjust the delay between retries?


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