[Box Backup] backup issue

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 14:51:40 GMT 2005

On 24 Nov 2005, at 13:22, filip.hlavenka at nasieti.sk wrote:

> I set the ExtendedLogging option to yes on both sides and here are  
> the logs:
> Client:
> [snip]
> As you can see, there is a communication outage for a couple of  
> minutes on
> both the server and the client side.
> The outage was not caused by a netword error - both the client and the
> server are being monitored on permanent basis, so that an outage to  
> any of
> the running services gets logged from any time between 5 seconds to 3
> minutes.

Might there be a large file which is being diffed?

Which platform exactly are you using?


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