[Box Backup] Using multiple servers

Maarten Bremer boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jan 12 23:29:07 GMT 2006


Thanks for making BoxBackup, I like the concept very much.

I have some comments and suggestions, I hope they are usefull.

It was a bit hard to install, the package on SourceForge doesn't compile 
on FC4 (see the bug report there). I have checked out the latest trunk, 
and that one did compile.

I think there is a small error in the default configuration file, it 
says the files should be in /etc/box/bbstored but they are in fact in 
subdirectories (ca/servers and ca/roots). It did cost me some time to 
figure that out.

The command 'bbackupctl sync' reported: "Using configuration file 
but remained silent after that. No idea if that is suppose to happen, 
but the sync started anyhow after some time. It is in any case not clear 
to the end-user what is going on.

I like to have multiple storages for my backup. I have two webservers, 
and a server at home. The webservers are in the same serverrack 
connected to eachother with a crosslink. My other server at home is 
connect with the internet. The webservers are backing up each other 
through the crosslink connection, but I want both the backup from both 
webservers at my server at home too. Is it possible to run multiple 
copies of bbstored and bbackupd on the same machine, using different 
network cards? If so, are there any special things that I should take 
care of?

I would like to backup my Windows workstation to my server at home too. 
I am however unable to compile it. Could someone provide me with an 
already compiled version for Windows? That would be great.

I have the backup between both webservers operational right now, I have 
the backup to my server and home left to do. That connection is over the 
internet, and I need some portnumbers so I can open my firewall for 
BoxBackup. Which ports does BoxBackup use?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kind regards,

Maarten Bremer

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