[Box Backup] Using multiple servers

Martin Ebourne boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 00:10:25 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 00:29 +0100, Maarten Bremer wrote:
> I like to have multiple storages for my backup. I have two webservers, 
> and a server at home. The webservers are in the same serverrack 
> connected to eachother with a crosslink. My other server at home is 
> connect with the internet. The webservers are backing up each other 
> through the crosslink connection, but I want both the backup from both 
> webservers at my server at home too. Is it possible to run multiple 
> copies of bbstored and bbackupd on the same machine, using different 
> network cards? If so, are there any special things that I should take 
> care of?

Yes, I run multiple bbackupd instances backing up to different locations
from one machine. You need to have different config files for each (use
-c), and make sure there's no conflicts on the other files it uses. eg.
in bbackupd-12345678.conf:

        AccountNumber = 0x12345678
        KeysFile = /etc/box/bbackupd/12345678-FileEncKeys.raw
        CertificateFile = /etc/box/bbackupd/12345678-cert.pem
        PrivateKeyFile = /etc/box/bbackupd/12345678-key.pem
        DataDirectory = /var/lib/box/12345678

        NotifyScript = /etc/box/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin-12345678.sh
        CommandSocket = /var/run/bbackupd-12345678.sock
                PidFile = /var/run/bbackupd-12345678.pid
All the other options can be set as you normally would.

I doubt you need to run multiple bbstored instances, one can handle
multiple clients from multiple interfaces, and multiple backup storage
directories. eg.

    ListenAddresses = inet:,inet:

> I have the backup between both webservers operational right now, I have 
> the backup to my server and home left to do. That connection is over the 
> internet, and I need some portnumbers so I can open my firewall for 
> BoxBackup. Which ports does BoxBackup use?

tcp 2201



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