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Fri Jan 13 10:57:39 GMT 2006


Thanks Martin, for your help. It was very usefull.

> There is no error, the generated configuration files are correct, and 
> will work if you follow the instructions that the configuration scripts 
> output.

I was following the wiki manual. Next time I will take a closer look to 
the scripts output :).

> Proposed changes to the documentation to make this clearer would be 
> appreciated.

I would recommend to add some instructions to the scripts output, or to 
the wiki.

Like for example "cp /etc/box/bbstored/ca/roots/clientCA.pem 
/etc/box/bbstored/clientCA.pem". To a unexperienced user it is unknown 
which certificates are being used and generated.

> You should see a summary of the server configuration, and a "Succeeded" 
> message.

It works now. I am sure it didn't work yesterday before the sync was 
started. Could it be because the deamon is busy investigating the system 
that it has no time to react to bbackupctl? I will investigate some more 
when I install the other backups.

>> I would like to backup my Windows workstation to my server at home 
>> too. I am however unable to compile it. Could someone provide me with 
>> an already compiled version for Windows? That would be great.
> Trunk or 0.09?

Trunk please! :)

I like BoxBackup very much, and I am promoting it to my friends too. 
Most of them are used to making rsync backups with a daily, weekly and 
montly rotation. This way you have backups for all days, a backup each 
week, and a backup for each month so it is easy to recover a file which 
is for example 3 months old. We discussed how BoxBackup may do this, I 
understand that it does some housekeeping if the soft limit is reached, 
but what does it do exactly? Does it remove the oldest files only, or 
does it do its job more intelligent by keeping a montly, weekly and 
daily backup of everything? It is not clear to me in the documentation.

For my MySQL database I use replication, and I make a daily export of 
all data with mysqldump. This dump is then being tarred and stored as a 
.tgz. Is this the recommended method or is it better to leave the .sql 
as it is, so BoxBackup can transfer only the changes of the export?

Thanks for your help,

Kind regards,

Maarten Bremer

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