[Box Backup] Is it possible to 'undelete' files in the Box Backup store?

Stuart Hickinbottom boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 20:56:02 GMT 2006

That's excellent - sorry you had to repeat yourself. That's worked a 
treat for me and saved an *awful* lot of time/bandwidth.

I personally think that this kind of protection would be a good idea - 
delaying such a drastic "delete marking" would seem like a good idea to 
me, but then again my viewpoint is probably quite biased at the moment! 
Something like the protection applied to top-level locations listed in 
the .conf file would seem sensible (I believe it does as you've 
suggested for those top-level locations and they're not immediately 
marked as deleted), but I'm sure that's exactly what you originally 

Thanks again for the assistance, and of course Box Backup itself.


Ben Summers wrote:
> On 18 Jan 2006, at 18:17, Stuart Hickinbottom wrote:
>> I've had Box Backup working well for me for a while now, and I'm very 
>> impressed with it, thanks. Its requirements exactly fit my needs 
>> (remote, automatic, and encrypted), and it's been stable and pretty 
>> trouble-free once it was all set up.
>> A hardware failure this week, however, led to my Linux server 
>> unmounting a large external disk (mounted under /mnt/media), which 
>> had the effect of causing all the files and directories under that 
>> mount point to effectively disappear.
>> boxbackup duly noticed this and marked all the files and directories 
>> under that mount point as deleted (~150GB). This is a little 
>> inconvenient as they've not really been deleted at all, they were 
>> just temporarily invisible to the client daemon.
> You know, I got caught by something very similar to this myself. I 
> then proposed a feature on this list which would solve this problem, 
> but got so badly flamed over the idea of noticing empty directories, 
> logging a warning, and waiting a day before deleting everything, I 
> sort of lost interest in the idea.
>> I've since managed to recover my disk (thank heavens for ext3), but 
>> before I re-enable bbackupd on this machine I was wondering whether 
>> it would be possible to remove the 'deleted' flag on selected files 
>> and directories within the backup store? I know the object IDs of all 
>> the objects involved.
> http://lists.warhead.org.uk/pipermail/boxbackup/2005-March/001204.html
> I want to make this easier in v0.11, basically by being able to roll 
> back to any particular time. I have designed it, just need to write it.
>> If I just restart bbackupd now it will, I think, begin uploading all 
>> 150GB of those files that it will think have just been created (maybe 
>> it's cleverer than that, but I don't expect it'll notice that those 
>> files/directories already exist in 'deleted' versions).
> No, it won't be that clever.
>> Uploading this quantity of data will work, but will be slow as my 
>> backup server lives on the other end of a 256Mbit DSL link.
>> Any ideas before I restart bbackupd and watch the modem flash for a 
>> couple of months?
> Read list archives. :-)
> Ben
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