[Box Backup] First official Win32 release

Chris Wilson boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 23:27:48 GMT 2006

Dear Box Backup users,

I'm pleased and proud to announce the very first official prerelease of 
Box Backup 0.10 for Windows (native build).

This is a PRERELEASE, intended ONLY for users who are interested in 
testing it and giving feedback. The version number is 0.10_rc0.1_win32, 
which means that this is similar to what will become Box Backup 0.10, is 
not yet a release candidate (RC0), and contains fixes specific to Windows.

No official release candidate for Box Backup exists at this time, but once 
it does, and builds on Windows, I will create another release.

This release STILL HAS BUGS and you should NOT RELY ON IT for backups at 
this time:

* No support for large files (over 2GB)
* No support for SSL keepalives. MaximumDiffingTime > 300 seconds may not
* Generates plenty of warnings in the Windows event viewer, some bogus,
   some not.
* The command socket is supported but probably not secure, and can be
   disabled by commenting out the line "CommandSocket = pipe" in

You can download it from 
The MD5 digest of this file is [fb8bf05b4d8a365b724dbac078048c1e].

As the file name implies, this is a Box Backup client only. The server has 
not been ported to Windows and this is unlikely to happen any time soon.

To install, unzip the ZIP file and move to "C:\Program Files\Box Backup". 
Configure as for a Unix client, noting that:

* Keys and certificates must be generated on a Unix machine
* Paths are specified as "C:\foo\bar"
* Regular expressions are not supported in this release
* The directory "C:\Program Files\Box Backup\bbackupd" must exist and be

It can be run from the command line, or if correctly configured, by 
double-clicking on bbackupd.exe. The daemon control tool (bbackupctl.exe) 
and server query tool (bbackupquery.exe) are also included.

It can also be installed as a Windows service by running "bbackupd.exe -i" 
which should report "Box Backup service installed".

Please report any bugs that you find, which are not listed above, to the 
mailing list, or to me personally.

I would like to thank:

* Ben Summers for writing Box Backup;
* Nick Knight for porting it to Windows and providing us with the source
   code for the necessary changes;
* Martin Ebourne, Gary and Charles Lecklider for noticing and correcting
   many of my mistakes and reviewing my code, and for their contributions
   to Box Backup;
* and the entire team for their support and encouragement.

Full credit for the port goes to Nick Knight, but I take responsibility 
for any bugs, errors or omissions. If it doesn't work for you, please bug 
me and not Nick.

Cheers, Chris.
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