[Box Backup] First official Win32 release

Mikael Syska boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sat Jan 21 12:19:47 GMT 2006

Hey Chris,

Just tried to make a restore, and it was succesful, however there were 
incorrect error messages, even though it restored the file....

Output from bbackupquery.exe:
query > get -i 160c c:\pdf.pdf
Unable to send message to Event Log (error 6):
Failed to open 'c:\pdf.pdf': file not found
Unable to send message to Event Log (error 6):
Failed to open 'c:\pdf.pdf': file not found
Object ID 0000160c fetched sucessfully.
query >

As I can see in the first mail about win32 rc1 you made to the list... I 
guess this are bogus.

// ouT

Mikael Syska wrote:

> Chris Wilson wrote:
>> Dear Box Backup users,
>> I'm pleased and proud to announce the very first official prerelease 
>> of Box Backup 0.10 for Windows (native build).
>> This is a PRERELEASE, intended ONLY for users who are interested in 
>> testing it and giving feedback. The version number is 
>> 0.10_rc0.1_win32, which means that this is similar to what will 
>> become Box Backup 0.10, is not yet a release candidate (RC0), and 
>> contains fixes specific to Windows.
>> <snip>
>> Full credit for the port goes to Nick Knight, but I take 
>> responsibility for any bugs, errors or omissions. If it doesn't work 
>> for you, please bug me and not Nick.
>> Cheers, Chris.
> Hey,
> Just installed, and tested it. No problems what so ever yet.
> With the last version ( Nicks ) I had problems with the transfer rate, 
> dont know if it was the server or client, but with this release, I 
> could transfer with 3.5 M/sec.
> Running Windows XP sp2, if that to any use.
> Thanks again, I will report any bugs if I find any :-)
> // ouT
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