[Box Backup] ExcludeFile command being ignored with Win32 client.

John MacKenzie boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 14:59:34 BST 2006

Thanks for the suggestions Pete.

I actually set up a whole new box to test this theory and the command 
is still being ignored. I am using the latest precompiled W32 (538) 
build on the web site and the server has .10 (I believe the latest 
version as well).

Here is my configuration

             Path = C:\
                 ExcludeFile = C:\Program Files\Box 
                 ExcludeFile = C:\pagefile.sys
                 ExcludeDir = C:\windows\Temp\
                 ExcludeDir = C:\Temp\
                 ExcludeDir = C:\windows\system32\LogFiles\
                 ExcludeDir =  C:\Documents and Settings\Default 
User.WINNT\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\


Do you see any problems? The ExcludeDir commands seem to work fine 
but both ExcludeFile commands do not (every time it stops and starts 
the service it tries to backup the pagefile.sys which gives an error).

I also tried

         ExcludeFile = C:\\pagefile.sys

(but that did not work as well)



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