[Box Backup] Can Win32 client backup files from another machine?

Andrei boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 17:25:17 BST 2006

PS: Also, I noticed that you must not add a backslash after the last directory:


instead of



On 7/20/06, E.W. Peter Jalajas <pjalajas at tebuco.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrei,
> You ARE backing up from a another machine?!  If so, please let me the
> specifics on how you did it!
> Thanks,
> Pete
> --- Andrei <andrei at soft-dev.com> wrote:
> > Actually, my windows Chris client aborts with an error if a top level
> > directory on another machine (it's on a mounted drive eg. z:\) cannot
> > be accessed, it does not mark them for deletion.
> >
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