[Box Backup] Boxbackup deleted directories

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Mar 8 10:30:42 GMT 2006

On 8 Mar 2006, at 10:24, Peter wrote:

> I'm running boxbackup from one clients server to another server housed
> in an offsite data centre.
> Now, a while back the drive containing /home started acting funny with
> read-errors on certain sectors.
> So I took it offline to run do some checking, and ordered a raid-card
> and some new drives to replace it.
> I didn't kill bbackupd before I unmounted the drive however (but a  
> short
> time later), and when I now run bbackupquery it only lists one  
> directory
> in /home. The other dirs are listed as deleted.
> Now, when (and if) I manage to get most of the data off the semi- 
> broken
> disk and onto the new raid-array, will bbackupd have to re-transfer
> everything?
> Or will box backup understand that it already have these files and
> there's no need to transfer them again, just mark them as present and
> not deleted?
> Alternatively, is there anyway I can tell box backup to make the  
> deleted
> directories be listed as present in the store again?

Stop bbackupd. Delete contents of /var/bbackupd . Then

bbackupquery -w
    cd home
    undelete dir1
    undelete dir2


That will mark everything as undeleted. When bbackupd nexts runs over  
them, it'll put everything back to match what's on the disc.

There's a feature request on the wiki about this. A good one for the  
next version, I think.


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