[Box Backup] Exception (1/9)

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 09:11:49 GMT 2006

On 13 Mar 2006, at 01:50, Per Thomsen wrote:

> On 3/12/06 3:41 PM, Mario S. Mommer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My backup daemon stopped transfering data to the server. In the  
>> logs I
>> find
>> Mar 13 00:34:19 localhost bbackupd[7793]: Exception caught (1/9),  
>> reset
>> state and waiting to retry...
>> Mar 13 00:35:47 localhost bbackupd[7793]: File statistics: total  
>> file size
>> uploaded 0, bytes already on server 0, encoded size 0
>> Any ideas what might be wrong? Login is reported as being  
>> successful...
>> From ExceptionCodes.txt (in the build directory):
> (1/9) - Common OSFileError - Error accessing a file. Check  
> permissions.
> So, it could be a config file has had permissions changed in a way  
> that
> bbackupd can't access it.
> Is 'ExtendedLogging' set to true in bbackupd.conf? If not, change it,
> and you should get more details.
> If that still doesn't give you enough information, you can build the
> debug version (cd <build-dir>/bin/bbackupd; make), and install the
> resulting bbackupd. Your logs should now tell you exactly where you're
> getting your permission problem.

Also some more information would be helpful, as the initial report  
has very little information. Which platform? Which version of Box  
Backup? Are you running it as root or not?

And then the logs leading up to the error, not just the error itself,  
preferably with ExtendedLogging on.


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