Port tarball updated (Re: [Box Backup] Call for testers: FreeBSD port)

James O'Gorman boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Sun Mar 19 11:35:36 GMT 2006

On 18/3/06 00:52, Manfred W wrote:
> I have successfully installed the port 
> (http://www.netinertia.co.uk/boxbackup.tgz, 2006-03-18) on FreeBSD 6.0.
> But there are some questions left:
> 1. nothing is logged by boxbackup.

Are you sure there isn't anything getting logged onto the console?

You could try adding something like this to /etc/syslog.conf:

*.*                                             /var/log/bbstored
*.*                                             /var/log/bbackupd

> I am unable to find any logging info regarding box operations (not in 
> /var/log/messages) I tried the modifications to syslogd.conf but no 
> avail, the logfiles are staying empty.
> 2. where are the bdb files located, how can i verify that the bdb is 
> used by bbackupd (the make output shows YES)

Do you mean the bdb libraries? /usr/include/db.h is where the db1 header 
is, or you can install db4.x from ports.

> 3. I believe the 0.10 version includes the traffic accounting path for 
> bbstored. How can I use this feature?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by this.

> 4. The port asked if i want to build the testcases, wich i did. Where do 
> i find them an how do i run them? The non port version reported failed 
> testcases for bbstored, is this fixed or can these error be ignored.

The OPTIONS dialogue says that if you enable TESTS, there is a test 
target you can run, i.e. run `make test`.


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