[Box Backup] 0.10 on Windows?

W. Chris Shank boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 18:35:51 BST 2006

There is a link in a previous posting to a pre-compiled windows binary. I've gotten it to work on a XP Pro box and a Win2003 server. You need to create your certificates on a seperate box (I made mine on Linux) and then move them to Windows.

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----- Paul Nash <paul at nashnetworks.ca> wrote:
> Hi
> First, thanks for all the work.  Box Backup is great, the basic
> concept is
> fantastic, works very nicely.
> I'm an old Unix geek, have deployed 01.0 on a FreeBSD 6.0 server,
> clients
> on FreeBSD and MacOS X.  All works fine.  Now Im trying to bring in a
> bunch
> of Windows boxen.
> (A)
> I can compile under cygwin, no problem, and bbackupd uploads files,
> they
> verify correctly, can be retrieved.  If I delete a file, the store
> still
> shows the file as being there.  If I change the file, the changed
> version
> is uploaded and the old version flagged as "old" in the store, but I
> *also*
> get an error message:
> Backup object failed, error when reading ${filename}
> Error code when uploading was (4/0), BackupStore Internal
> A bit of initial hacking shows that the protocol thinks that it is
> about to
> recieve an object 1651074168 bytes long.
> (B)
> I've tried to compile under VC++ as an alternative.  If I follow the
> instructions in the wiki, and grab win32.bat and
> /lib/win32/config.h/win32
> + project files from subversion, I get compile-time errors (can't
> find
> "winsock2.h", if I comment this out, I get other errors ...)
> SO ...
> Any pointers about where to start looking for the errors in the
> cygwin
> version?  Alternatively, am I better served by starting from VC++, and
> if
> so, any pointers about how to get 0.10 to compile?
> I'm not keen to fall back to 0.09, but if I have to, I'll hack the
> 0.09
> client and server to use a different port and run them in parallel.
> 	paul
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