[Box Backup] 0.10 on Windows?

Paul Nash boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 20:24:21 BST 2006

Ha!  I think that I'm getting to the bottom of this!

If a file is locked, the windows native version
(boxbackup-chris_general_538-backup-client-mingw32, downloaded from
subversion) gives a common OSI file error (error 32, error code 1/2) each
time it tries to back up.  The file never makes it into the store.

However, my cygwin version gives a "can't open file" error the first time
it encounters a locked file (eg: ntuser.dat), but it puts something into
the store.  Subsequent runs give an upload error of (4/0), thinking that
they're about to get a huge (1651074168-byte) object.

I am about to download the stuff that gets into the store to see what it
looks like, and how it made it there.

This doesn't solve the problem of deleted files not being flagged as
deleted in the cygwin version, but we'll get there.

"make test" passes with the Cygwin binaries ...

Meanwhile, I'll take a look at my VC++ environment, and see what's
happening.  I did download and install the platform SDK, but may have done
something silly in the process (or may have to tell VC++ about it).  I'lll
keep digging.

Thanks for the leads so far.


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