[Box Backup] 0.10 on Windows?

Paul Nash boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 20:41:20 BST 2006

The plot thickens.

Still with cygwin:  I downloaded a file that bbackupd said that it could
not store, and found, to my heeried horror that it was identical to the
file on my local disk.

Looks like the problem is somewhere in the windows file access API, which
gives an error while actually allowing access.  This passes on to the
server somehow, leading to all kinds of confusion.  Why am I not surprised
that he problem lies with Windows?

I took the unprecedented step of Reading The F*** Manual (well, website)
for the platform SDK and see that I have to Do Stuff to make it work.
Bummer.  This Windows thing will never catch on if they keep on like this

More coming up later ...


BTW:  Why no VC++ binaries?  According to the M$ website:

Can I use Express Editions for commercial use?

Yes, there are no licensing restrictions for applications built using the
Express Editions.

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