[Box Backup] Backup the backup

E.W. Peter Jalajas boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 19:26:35 GMT 2006

Hi Chris,

Yeah, I'm just thinking that this silly trick might be a reasonably
easy way for the client to have geographic and, a new concept,
"corporate" redundancy, where "Corporate redundancy" means having your
data backed up to two separate companies, just in case the first one
becomes essentially permanently unavailable to the client for whatever

For example, someone in the States, if it were important enough to the
them, could sign up for box backup with me on the east coast and Per (I
owe you an email, Per) on the left coast, do this bbackupd.conf
switching, and have yet another layer of protection.  

I'm not sure, but maybe it could be used to only backup problematic
BackupLocations during certain hours of the day.  There are probably
other uses for this bbackupd.conf-switching trick as well. 

For the casual reader of this list, don't try this at home--these
tricks would take a lot more in-depth serious thought and testing.  

--- Chris Wilson <chris at qwirx.com> wrote:

> Hi Pete,
> > This is an interesting idea, changing bbackupd.conf periodically to
> > make bbackupd do different things at, say, different times of the
> day.
> > Is that what you guys are talking about?
> I think it would work, provided that you appropriately signal the
> bbackupd 
> process to reread its configuration file afterwards (with bbackupctl 
> reload or kill -HUP). However, it's not what I'm talking about, and
> if it 
> is what Ben's talking about then we're talking at cross purposes :-)

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