[Box Backup] Need to reload bbackupd conf to avoid timeouts?

tbp boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 21:43:36 GMT 2006

Hello Chris.

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Hi Tobias,
>> I think you are right about the source of my problem. I have never had
>> the problem with backups of "smaller" filesystems.
>> If you could let me try out an alternative version of bbackupd I would
>> love to test it.
> OK, I'm working on it now.

Sounds wonderfull. Thank you!

>> Still, is it not strange that the problem does not occur after a
>> reloaf of the bbackupd.cong file?
> No, not strange. Box Backup caches a lot of information on the first run
> or after a reload, which requires frequent round trips to the store,
> listing the contents of each directory in turn. Once the data is cached
> (and not discarded by a reload), subsequent runs may not need to contact
> the store at all if nothing has changed, or contact it only for those
> directories which have changed.
> If you back up a large data set where only a few files change between
> runs, you might see a long delay between data requests from the store,
> which might cause the SSL layer to time out. Your extended log appears
> to show this happening.



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