[Box Backup] Verify/restore very large file (>4GB)

Ben Summers boxbackup at fluffy.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 08:54:52 BST 2006


Sorry for the problems, it's most likely this


but I haven't yet gotten around to fixing it. An insistence on tests  
for problems as well as a fix can slow things down, but you could  
just try the one line fix and see if it makes a different.


On 9 Oct 2006, at 07:02, Alex Harper wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been testing Box and been pleased. However, I've run into a  
> glitch with
> the suggested verification procedure (bbackupquery "compare -a"). I've
> narrowed the issue down to one backed up file, which is 4.6GB in size.
> It appears the file is correctly stored, block size in the  
> repository seems
> about right, and "compare -aq" reports no issues. However actually  
> restoring
> the file results in a hung bbackupquery after about 600MB are  
> restored. It
> also leaves a hung bbstored on the server that spins at about 15%  
> CPU usage.
> This is OS X PPC, Box 0.10 built from source with large file support.
> Given the sizes involved its seems likely this is uint32 to uint64
> comparison somewhere, but I haven't had much luck tracing it  
> through debug
> builds of bbackupquery.
> Is this a known issue? Perhaps already resolved in svn? Is the svn  
> mainline
> considered stable enough to test (and perhaps use if it fixes the  
> issue)?
> Any pointers for where to start looking in the code appreciated.  
> Thanks,
> Alex
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